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Henry Garden Biography

Born in Akron, Ohio, Henry Garden began drawing comics as a child. After graduating high school his desire to attend art school was discouraged by his advisors. He was warned he would be a starving artist and should go to school for computer programming instead. Such was not to be his path, for in September of 1998, he became aware of The Creators helping hand powerfully upon him, an experience that enhanced his art skills tenfold overnight.

From that spiritual experience, Henry found he was given other abilities, such as the ability to sing and write, and his musical talents were also enhanced. For the next several years Henry made his living as a full time portrait artist. His latest projects now include writing and illustrating graphic novels, playwriting, and creating logos. Although Henry has taught himself to work in color, pencil remains his favorite medium. In 2008 Henry drew a life sized three dimensional New York firefighter in honor of the September 11th memorial.

Henry continues to progress in his gifts, and is looking to turn his graphic novel into a major motion picture. His portraits grace the walls of many homes and businessess of satifisfied repeat clients.